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Cleaning Services in Johannesburg need to transform conventional methods of cleaning.

At Brilliant Cleaning, we provide intelligent equipment and cleaning services staff that work towards a greener, safer environment and of course do it with a touch of brilliance.

Some of the goals of our business and aims we pride ourselves in are:

– To be the best in our industry.

– To change people’s perspectives about cleaning.

– And to combine natural products, science, and the latest technology to reintroduce the cleaning process across all industries.

What cleaning was and what cleaning is today has shifted vastly and this makes the job a lot harder, not only because we need to clean more and more or use better technology but as we have seen over the years the spread of germs, bacteria never ends and today we face the challenge of making sure surface, as well as the air we breathe, has a critical component to it we like to call hygiene!

It can be said now the country has been enduring some of the world’s most stringent pandemic lockdown conditions and so we thought of highlighting the importance of air quality for business and individuals as this something we made sure to focus on during this time and has helped us address the challenges of making sure air is cleaner and healthier, the VirusKiller has developed this kind of scenario and we made it our mission to make sure we have this technology available to our customers as soon as possible and this is exactly what we were able to achieve.

Cleaning Services – Introduction to VirusKiller

So, let us clear the air about this product:

– The VirusKiller protects visitors and staff against airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, etc.

– It provides controlled airflow, meaning it creates a laminar airflow by dragging contaminated air towards the bottom of the unit, where it is disinfected and blown back into the breathing zone.

– It provides a single air pass, which is a necessity when it comes to dealing with viruses. The single air pass is a definite when it comes to killing a virus. If clean air is drawn and pushed back into the breathing zone without being decontaminated. There will be a rise in cross-contamination and therefore an increase in the spread of the virus.

In comparison to HEPA Filters, UV Light, and Plasma Tech, the VirusKiller is the only product to perform single Air Pass decontamination. It is the only product that can combat

viruses such as Polio Virus, Adeno Virus, Influenza Virus, and Corona Virus DF2- where single air pass decontamination is necessary.

That is why there has been such an increase in investment with regards, to clean air technology.

So, do not miss out!!!

A word from the desk of our CEO

“Surface and space decontamination is a huge component of our business. VirusKiller is without a doubt the final piece of the puzzle to resolve the problem of contaminated air. The technology is simply the best in its class, and we look forward to bringing it to commercial, retail, and industrial spaces of all kinds throughout the country.” – Zane Fabricius, CEO of Brilliant Cleaning.

This is part of corporate social responsibility. VirusKiller is not a lifestyle air purifier. Designed for critical and sensitive environments, Viruskilleris a mature, robust air decontamination technology. The VirusKiller solution has a host of financial benefits in considering the cost per square meter of clean air in the current times we are in.

Let us together, create a healthier environment for everyone!



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